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Tohua Island and Treasure of Blackbeard Bundle

Tohua Island and Treasure of Blackbeard Bundle

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Purchase both Tohua Island and Treasure of Blackbeard together for a discount.

Tohua Island is a fun Polynesian themed, large group, portable / mobile escape room game for all ages.  The game is able to easily handle group sizes from 4 to 50+ people (more if modified). Groups must find the missing tikis and return them to their correct locations in order to calm the god of weather "Tāwhirimātea".

Treasure of Blackbeard was originally designed as a 30-minute portable game perfect for restaurants, conference rooms, popup tents, and more.  It is designed for 2-5 players and has also been adapted as a fixed location escape room game.  Changing the duration (ex: 45-minutes or an hour) and/or number of players is also possible.  Two sets of clues are included for side-by-side competition games (or two separate teams playing games at the same time.)

NOTE: This game comes with an exclusive area.  Please contact Hourglass Adventures before you purchase to verify your area is available.

To Purchase the Game (subject to availability) and more info Contact Hourglass Adventures

Many locations still available!  Please fill out this form to see if you can purchase Tohua Island or Treasure of Blackbeard for your location:

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