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Quest for the Crown

Quest for the Crown

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Quest for the Crown

Welcome to the Annual Knights Tournament! Will your merry band of thieves be able to use this opportunity to escape with the Crown?

Game Description: 

"Quest for the Crown” is designed as a 10-minute portable game perfect for restaurants, conference rooms, popup tents, and more.  It is designed for 2-6 players.

Pop-up escape rooms are perfect for any venue! Bring the thrill of an escape room any event or gathering with a pop-up tent, full of puzzles and challenges. It’s a family-friendly adventure! 

The pop-up is played in groups of up to 6 at a time, in ten minute games.

  • Primary Design: Small Group Portable Escape Game.

  • Easily transportable.

  • Players per Puzzle Set: 2-6

  • Playing Time:  10 - 15 minutes (could add puzzles to extend the time).

  • Difficulty: Medium (can be made easier with hints and extra clues).

  • Approximate Cost to Build (per game set):  $400 - $650+.

  • Tech: not required

  • Could be converted to a large scale or fixed location game.

  • Game Plan/License Price:  $350

  • Discounts for purchasing multiple games!

Game Package Details

  • Exclusive Territory:  at least 60-miles to the next owner (usually much greater).

  • Game Guide:  a detailed document which describes the overall game, the game flow, and the individual puzzles.

  • GM Info:  answer sheets and setup guides.

  • Printable Material:  all of the printable clues and puzzle pieces needed for the game.

  • Purchase List: additional items needed to put the game together.

  • Video Walk Through: you'll get access to a walk through video of the game, puzzles, and props.

  • Private Facebook Group: you'll get access to a private Facebook group dedicated to the game and interact with other game owners.

  • Support: I'll be able to answer questions, offer suggestions, and help you with your version of Quest for the Crown


NOTE:  Because each game comes with exclusive territory, please contact Hourglass Adventures before purchasing.  Many locations are still available!  If you haven’t already, please fill out this form to see if you can purchase Quest for the Crown for your location:


Game Objective:

Locate the King's Crown

NOTE: times listed below are for a single game set (1-6 players) in a single game setting (ex: in a tent or at someone’s home)

Setup time:  for one person it’s around an 20-minutes or less

Reset time: for one person it’s around 2 to 5 -minutes

Pack-up time: for one person it’s about an 15-minutes or less

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